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Stronger memory linked to women who have more sex



women more sex better memory word recognition - study
Credit: Power To Change

Get this: women who have more sex is associated with better word recognition, according to a new study.

As published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior, researchers have always experimented with rodents and found a pattern between a frequency of sexual behavior and memory functioning. However, that type of experiment never made its way to humans — well, at least, not until now.

Larah Maunder, a neuroscientist over at McGill University, wanted to know whether or not the rodent experimentation was also true for humans.

Researchers gathered 78 female undergraduate students, aged between 18 and 29, to participate in a memory recognition test before filling out surveys.

In the survey, however, participants were able to contribute information including demographics, menstrual cycles, school grades, use of oral contraceptives, exercise, and aspects of sexual behavior.

With a computerized test, women were required to distinguish between old faces and words to new faces and words.

Based on the researcher’s conclusion, women’s penile-vaginal intercourse frequency was linked to memory recognition of particular words but not faces.

Women who reported more heterosexual intercourse was said to have better ability to recognize words that they had previously seen, PsyPost reported.

Speaking with PsyPost, Maunder gave the following statement in regards to the study.

“This is an interesting observation that warrants further study.”

She followed by stating, “Future experiments which might be able to control some of the here assessed variables more systematically might eventually be able to tell us the direct effects of varying amounts of sexual behaviour on memory function.”


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