Red Bull Energy Drinks Can Improve Memory

No, really, this is not a paid advertisement.

In a new study, published in the Journal of Psychopharmacology, researchers have suggested that Red Bull energy drinks can briefly boost cognition.

According to PsyPost, after analyzing 24 healthy participants, all randomized and placebo controlled, it was determined that Red Bull increased memory performance. However, the sugar-free brand did not initiate the same effect.

Within 30 minutes of consuming Red Bull, researchers noted that the participants had dramatic increases in episodic memory that lasted for only a brief period of time.

In an interview buy provigil next day delivery with Keith A. Wesnes, the lead author of the study, he explains how Red Bull not only improved short and long-term memory, but also the speed in which the information is retrieved.

Furthermore, Wesnes also asserts that other ingredients found in Red Bull, such as caffeine, may work in combination with sugar to provide memory boosts.

This is an important area considering the widespread consumption of energy drinks, and is worthy of future research. We are planning follow up studies,” Wesnes concluded.

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Jose Florez is the founder of Mental Daily. His work has appeared in Psychology Today, Glamour, The Huffington Post, Elite Daily, among others. He is a mental health advocate, and currently studying psychology.