Study: Republicans Are More Likely To Ruin Relationships


The 2016 US election is turning out to be the most chaotic in history, thanks to Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

It is continuing to divide this nation, even ruining intimate relationships. But what political party is causing the most disruption? We decided to conduct a Facebook survey consisting of 10,000 Democratic and Republican voters to find out.

With the rise of misogyny, as reported by Psychology Today, we came up with the idea of surveying couples based on aggression or ruined relationships as a result of the election. All participants, despite political party or ethnicity, were of ages between 18 to 55 years old.

What did we find?

According to our data, a staggering 72.5% of Democrats engaged in less aggressive behavior compared to the 27.5% of Republicans. Essentially, states like Florida, California, New York and North Carolina were among the many that experienced less ruined relationships, based on aggressive behavior.


Editor’s note: We did not measure any data for the Libertarian and Green party.

Of the 10,000 Republican participants, 1 in 5 or 2,000, reported aggressive behavior that resulted in a ruined relationship. However, for the Democrats, only 1 in 17 or 588 of the 10,000 total participants, reported this behavior.

Among the states with the most Hispanic or African American populations, aggression from the election was very minimal. Nevertheless, we observed the most aggressive behavior in core states where polls suggest Donald Trump is leading.

Of the aggressive behavior analyzed include misogynistic abuse, scapegoating and physical abuse. However, physical abuse was very rare in most instances.

Bottom line: the results are far from surprising. This election is causing an uproar in misogyny, racism, and discrimination. That, anyone can tell you. But what is likely the biggest effect towards our country, is how the rest of the world sees us.

Are we a country built on peace, or is it a place of snakes in suits and criminal politicians?

The debate continues.

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Jose Florez is the founder of Mental Daily. His work has appeared in Psychology Today, Glamour, The Huffington Post, Elite Daily, among others. He is a mental health advocate, and currently studying psychology.