Stress Eliminates Benefits Of Healthy Eating


Stress. It’s one of the biggest psychological factors in everyone’s lives.

However, according to a shocking new study, eating healthy won’t do any good to your body if you’re always stressing out.

Jan Kiecolt-Glaser, the study’s lead author and professor of psychiatry and psychology at Ohio State University, spoke with The Huffington Post on Friday, breaking down exactly what their latest study found.

“Stress changes the way we process food”

Glaser and team studied women who ate a ‘healthy’ fat breakfast and discovered that the participants who were under a considerable amount of stress burned fewer calories.

Additionally, the team compared women who ate breakfasts which included biscuits, gravy, eggs and turkey sausage, with some who had meals made with palm oil, which contained lots of saturated fat.

As a result, as the study suggests, eating a healthy ‘fat’ breakfast while under a fair amount of stress can be the same as eating a ‘bad’ fat breakfast, Forbes reported.

Martha Belury, a health researcher, gave the following statement in regards to this latest study on stress.

“It’s believed that reduced inflammation could be the cornerstone of the benefits of eating healthier foods such as the Mediterranean diet – one that is high in oleic acid, usually from olive oil”

She continued by stating.

“Stressors raised levels of all four harmful blood markers in the sunflower oil group, but stress did not seem to budge the readings for those who ate saturated fat.”

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Andrew is a freelance health and science journalist from Canberra, Australia.

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