How A Rollercoaster Can Treat Kidney Stones


Researchers have just found a thrilling way to get rid of those annoying kidney stones.

As The Atlantic reports, Dr. David Wartinger and team, from Michigan State University are giving patients with kidney stones a new view of life. Nicknamed “the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad”: A seat in this scary sounding rollercoaster ride was occupied by a patient of Wartinger.

According to the patient, several kidney stones were passed immediately after departing the rollercoaster ride located at Walt Disney in Orlando, Florida.

Following the occurrence, Wartinger and a colleague stumbled on media reports of individuals who have had similar experiences while bungee jumping and riding rollercoasters, according to NBC News.

This gave researchers the idea to create a clear silicon gel model of a human body and test the hypothesis out. The artificial body was loaded up with real kidney stones and positioned in a rollercoaster car.

After 20 separate rides, it was quickly noted that the stones were flying out of the kidney with electrifying results.

What followed was nearly 200 more rides as researchers tried different amusement parks across the nation, utilizing the same method, each with the same end results: kidney stones can be easily passed in a scary rollercoaster ride.

Wartinger is expected to continue his research, as he plans to expand to other amusement parks and scary joy rides. He hopes that his research can one day make passing kidney stones a non-scary thing.

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